EASTER 2024 : Why is Easter celebrated after Good Friday? Discover some interesting facts related to this.

The festival of Easter symbolizes hope, faith, and joy in life. This year, it is being celebrated on 31st March. It’s also known as Easter Sunday, which falls three days after Good Friday. But do you know the reason behind it? Let us tell you some interesting facts related to it.

EASTER 2024: In the Christian community, Easter is celebrated with much enthusiasm. It’s also known as Easter Sunday. This festival celebrated on the third day after Good Friday, falls on 31st March this year. It is believed that three days after Lord Jesus was crucified, he was resurrected. Let us tell you the reason behind celebrating this day after Good Friday and some interesting facts related to it.


The Connection Between Good Friday and Easter : 

In the Christian community, people gather with family and friends on the occasion of Easter Sunday and celebrate this day in the church. It’s worth mentioning that on Good Friday, Jesus Christ was crucified. Consequently, a wave of sadness swept among his followers. However, it happened that on the third day, Jesus was resurrected, and since then, his followers started celebrating this day as a festival of joy.

Celebrated for 40 Days : 

It is believed that Easter marks the 40 days Jesus Christ remained on Earth before ascending to Heaven. This tradition of celebrating the festival for 40 days stems from this belief. Since Good Friday fell on 29th March this year, Easter is now being observed on 31st March. During this period, people attend church for prayers and engage in discussions about the life and teachings of Jesus. Various dishes are prepared at homes, and people celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit with joy.


The followers of Jesus Christ were deeply disheartened by his crucifixion. However, on the third day, Easter Sunday, Jesus was resurrected, bringing immense joy to his followers. This news spread happiness not only in the country but also across borders, leading to the grand celebration of this festival. According to Christian scriptures, Jesus remained on Earth for forty days after his resurrection, during which he shared his teachings with people.


Significance of Eggs on Easter

Eggs hold special significance during the Easter festival. According to Christian beliefs, eggs symbolize new life and hope. Therefore, people decorate eggs and exchange them as gifts during Easter as a symbol of joy and renewal.


Easter is a Christian festival and cultural holiday. It celebrates Jesus rising from the dead, as told in the Bible. People who follow Christianity observe Easter. They remember Jesus’ resurrection, which happened three days after his crucifixion around 30 AD. The celebration involves church services, special meals with family, decorating Easter eggs, and giving gifts. Easter doesn’t have a fixed date; it varies each year. Before Easter, there’s a period called Lent, lasting 40 days, where people fast, pray, and reflect.

Easter is a special time for Christians. They call the week before Easter “Holy Week.” It starts with Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem. Then there’s Spy Wednesday, remembering when Jesus was betrayed. After that comes Maundy Thursday, marking the Last Supper, and Good Friday, remembering Jesus’ crucifixion.

In Eastern Christianity, these events have names like “Holy” or “Holy and Great.” Easter itself may be called “Great and Holy Pascha.”

After Easter Sunday, there’s a period called Eastertide in Western Christianity, lasting seven weeks until Pentecost Sunday. In Eastern Christianity, the Paschal season also ends with Pentecost, but they mark the leave-taking of Pascha on the 39th day, just before the Feast of the Ascension.



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