The deadline for FASTag KYC expires today. How can you update your information?

Failure to update your FASTag KYC details by 29th February could lead to your bank deactivating or potentially blacklisting your account.


The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has issued an important reminder to FASTag users, urging them to complete their KYC (Know Your Customer) update by Thursday (29th February) to prevent possible deactivation or blacklisting of their accounts.
                                                      Highlighting the significance of prompt KYC updates for smooth toll payment experiences on national highways, NHAI has implemented the “One Vehicle, One FASTag” initiative, discouraging the practice of using a single FASTag for multiple cars or linking multiple FASTags with one vehicle.
What is KYC and what happens if you don’t update it?

KYC is used to confirm your identity and address. Maintaining up-to-date KYC information ensures the smooth functioning of your FASTag account and acts as a deterrent against potential misuse.

If you don’t update your FASTag KYC details by 29th February, your bank may deactivate or even blacklist your account, rendering it unusable at toll plazas. This could lead to unnecessary delays and inconvenience during your journeys.

Here are the steps to update your KYC

Go to the dedicated customer web portal and log in using either your registered mobile number and password or through OTP validation.

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